Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus Christ? Over the centuries this question has been done over and over again, and it has also been answered. But those who asked were wrong, and also responded that, because the question implied a certain prejudice and the same response. They were not essentially different; its origin was one and the same.

Those who afraid of the divinity of Jesus asked the question, and the answer came from those who were not prepared to believe in the humanity of Jesus. They were only able to believe one half of it. The Jews were ready to believe that he was a man, and the Christians were to believe that he was God. The Jews denied one half, the part of Christ, and the Christians denied the other half, the part of Jesus.

Who is Jesus Christ? Christians do not want to see him as Jesus, the son of a man, a man of flesh and blood and bones, a man like the others. The Jews did not want to believe in him as God, as divine, made of pure consciousness, not of flesh, blood and bones.

No one has been able to believe in Jesus as a whole. and this happens not only to Jesus, just as happens with all teachers, Krishna, Buddha, Zarathustra: and, unless you consent that Jesus enters you in its entirety, will be not transformed. Unless you admit it just as it is, you will not enter into contact with it, Jesus is both Jesus and Christ, and not ashamed of it.

In the Bible many times he says: “I am the son of man”, and so many other times also says: «I am the son of God». It appears to have no idea of the contradiction between the two things. There is no. The contradiction exists in our minds. Does not exist in the being of Jesus. His being is a bridge between time and eternity, body and soul, this world and the other. His being is a bridge between the visible and the invisible, the known and the unknown. It is completely a bridge, it feels comfortable to both sides because it is both. Jesus and Christ are two banks, and a single river is possible if there are two banks. Jesus is the river which flows between these two shores: both are yours. It exists between the two, is the river.

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