That Time Of Year Again Is All Year Long

When you think about grilling it is usually only applied to the nicer times of year, who wants to cook in Nov. and Dec. right? Well I think that that is just a waste of perfectly good time to be out in front of the grill. I also think that people get hung up on the fact that they can only grill certain types of food. I have prepared whole meals on the grill in many different directions. And let me tell you, they turned out incredible.

Each chef applies to each recipe your particular wisdom, in my case stating that I just am an apprentice of cuisine which tries to pass for coals all kinds of recipes looking for the best culinary results, but stating that more is my passion for cooking that my theoretical knowledge, whereupon thousand forgive purists.

In what that I can help is in the use of techniques, accessories and different types of fuels suitable for every use in every dish.

This paella of seafood with ease, by using a charcoal model of the firm grill, typical American model in which many think that it is not possible to interpret a paella.

But it is not, any barbecue moderately good, could be adapted to cook a paella or any dish that needs a bit of wood to make flames.

As simple as: three racks of the grill and put it in the center of barbecue

(eliminating one of them for this dish) in such a way that by the two sides you can add small firewood to produce flames.

The ideal is to make a grill with charcoal that give us enough for all cooking calories and add wood by the side when we have the need for constant flame to finish the recipe.

In the section on fuel use three types, half a pound of charcoal to have constant embers, some 12 wedges of pine to increase the temperature as needed and some branches of vine which we’ll add along with chips for flavoring.

First prepare the barbecue adapting racks in order to have a basis solid for the pan. We prepare the kindling to start the charcoal of coconut fiber and as you can see I put the coal on the sides to produce the minimum of smoke as possible, in order to avoid that the envy of neighbors.

Once we have the embers lists and turn them to the barbecue, is the time approaching barbecue in place.

Ingredients used: sos a few tablespoons of olive oil, tomatoes cut and peeled, garlic, a bit of onion, a few grams of red and green peppers, chopped fish, clams, mussels, calamari, shrimp rice, rice, salt and broth of fish bones.

Once we have the paella pan on the grill add a few tablespoons of olive oil and once it begins to smoke, put the garlic so go perfuming the oil.

Until the garlic from Browning too much, add the onion we leave Brown to immediately bring to scene the peppers and tomatoes.

With the sauce, is the time to add to grilled some chips with a few branches. Once it starts to burn the pieces of wood, the sauce began to dance with greater pace and will be the prefect time to add the rice.

Sautéed rice along with fried, add the smoke hot fish, two glasses each measure of rice and a few second later pass to the action the meat and or seafood.

Now more than ever is when missed a button in which raise or lower the temperature of the fire in the wood-fired barbecue does not exist, your experience and wisdom on fire control will be the factors that indicate you if you have to add more heat to the fire and most importantly, placed the pieces of wood for the fire Cook paella for all sites alike.

It is time to add the rest of the recipe ingredients and wait for that small Woods that we have added to the coals start to burn, by raising the temperature of the cooking.

As in any paella we will be testing the texture of the rice and it is to our liking withdraw fire to leave, be careful with handles that will be red hot!

Grilled Octopus

If you already if the Octopus cooked with some potatoes this

well, when passed it by grilled flavor is enhanced and the result is


For the Octopus to recommend grilled in all its forms

coals of charcoal or for the real man, some real oak logs when when combined together makes an extraordinary oak aroma flavor and texture to the octopus. Trust me when I say you might never try it but if you do you will wonder why it has been absent from your grill plan since there are few grill products this flavorful.

The potatoes or potatoes can prepare them roasting the potatoes among the embers or traditional to cook them in water, this issue you will taste. But if you want to give a different touch, prepare coals as an hour before placing the Octopus on hot embers and placed the potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil between the coals. Depending on the heat of coals should be aware of the potatoes so we are do not pass. Pierce with a knife every time to see the degree of cooking and remove when we can get to the heart of the potato with easily.

With soft coals (place the Palm of the hand on the grill to about 15 cm and hold the hand without removing the about 9 seconds, (if put up this time the grill is perfect for cooking the octopus)

Grease the grill with a few drops of oil or a nut of butter and place the legs of the Octopus on the grill. Octopus must previously be cooked.

Remember that the ideal is turned and turned, not dizzy with infinity of turns the product.

To serve, cut it into slices and serve it to the traditional style with the potatoes as a base, marked Octopus to grilled, a small drizzle of oil along with the red pepper and coarse salt.

If you want to see how your guests appreciate the difference of coals, prepare another Octopus bypassing cooking and next to that you have cooked to the grill.

Your guests will notice then the difference, they will ask you the secret of texture and distinctive flavor that Grilled Octopus provides.

Another way to prepare the Octopus to the grill is to make the same operating the grill and use a dressing of garlic, oil pepper White and a splash of lemon juice.

Once removed from the grill, sliced and water with the dressing

Grilled Bread

The original recipe for the bruschetta (am I spelling this right?) was made to be grilled or in a special apparatus containing hot coals, I don’t think that there are many restaurants today don’t do that though and the ones that do offer it just heat it up in the over, that is a real pity since it is an amazing bread, that is prepared on the grill.

There are many recipes for this starter or antipasti, but I leave my grilled and the technique I use to interpret it. The first thing is to be clear that we need a barbecue with different heat temperatures, a higher temperature of first for toasting bread and a second of lesser intensity to melt the cheese and not dry out too much.

The recipe can be prepared by using a standard grill rack and grilling tray, which loaded with coal and distributed it on the barbecue with the indirect method. For newcomers the indirect method consists of placing the coals to the sides barbecue and in the central part, that we have not put hot coals, is where to place food, which is cooked type oven but the smell of coals.

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